Wright's Bake Shop expected to close Nov. 1

Economic expenses cause for shut down, says owner

REED CITY — Wright's Bake Shop, a wildly popular business in downtown Reed City, is preparing to close its doors for good. The last day of business will fall on the tentative date of Saturday, Nov. 1.

Karen Wright, one of the shop's owners, attributes the decision to a still too-slowly recovering economy and increasing expenditures necessary to keep the bakery running.

"The ingredient costs, paper products cost and other expenses have increased," she said. "Ingredients alone have gone up 50 percent alone over the past year. You can't keep up with it. The cost of doing business has gotten so high."

Wright's has been in business for nearly 60 years, with a bakery on the location for at least 100 years. The decision to shut the doors has not been easy.

"We're very sad to close the bakery, but it's an economic issue," she added.

The news hasn't sunk in for Reed City Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Suzie Williams.

"I'm quite frankly shocked and very sad," she said. "To me it's an icon and a cornerstone of downtown Reed City. It's going to be a huge loss in the community and it feels like a part of us is going to be gone."

The news, she said, reinforces her goal to encourage people to shop at local businesses, because every dollar helps people who live in the area, which in turn goes back into the community.

"Each item a store sells is not just the item — it's employee payroll, electricity, overhead costs and other expenses," Williams added. "I hope this is a wake-up call for people to shop local."

Wright said she and co-owners Don Wright and John Hanna are looking into the idea of having a farewell event, but nothing yet has been scheduled.