Wood carvers wrap up visit to Evart

EVART — Hundreds of wood carving hobbyists managed to weather the weather last weekend, and take advantage of the fellowship, fun, and informational sessions that are always a part of the annual Wood Carvers Roundup in Evart.

For the 13th year running, a benevolent gang of knife wielding artisans proved once again that wood carving is much more than just whittling, (although there is some of that involved as well.)

Incredible works of art, from enormous bas-relief carvings to delicate flowers, leaves, and fauna filled tables in barns and the Community Room at the Osceola 4H FFA Fairgrounds as lovers of the craft drifted in and out to see what friends and fellows were doing lately.

There also were a wide variety of workshops and seminars to help carvers sharpen their skills, (no pun intended), and learn new methods fro turning out great, hand-crafted objects d’art.

The three-day festival of creativity was whacked by steaming temperatures one day, and cool, (re:cold), damp weather the next.

But, with the majority of those attending being native Michiganders, they bucked up and slogged through the drizzle from one barn to the next.

All in all, the 13th Round up was a great time, and a event that, like always, was beneficial to those learning a new hobby, as well as those looking for new twists to an old art.

And, as always, the fellowship was of the finest kind.

Now, keep those tools sharpened until next year.