EVART — The campaigning was strong and election night at Evart Elementary was a busy one, so busy that the results of the election are still not in.

Competition was tough as students campaigned throughout the week and on into Friday’s election night at Cafeteria Central and spilled into the hallways.

Sen. Darwin Booher was on hand to address the crowd, and Evart Mayor Eric Schmidt served as emcee for the evening.

The polls were open until 7 p.m.

The Wee Deliver Election evening began with the opening ceremony with the large crowd reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the singing of the National Anthem. Paul Brown led the latter.

Also on hand for the evening was Evart Postmistress Laurie Holmes, who gave a pep talk for candidates running for the Evart Elementary Postmaster spot, as well as nominees for both mail carriers and mail nominees.

So important are those positions, that any candidate not elected was to be sworn in with those who were, ready to stand in when any of the others were unable to fulfill their duties. That could occur because of illness, nasty roads, or similar situations.

Running for postmaster were Kaylee Ladd and Isaiah Johnson. Mail carrier nominees included Jordan Bigford, Gavin Schooley, Morgan Gallinger, Laura Junker, Sydney VanBuren, and Brianna Beemer.

Mail sorters on the ballot were Austin Rueffer and Grant Booher.

Third graders created stamps with a focus on Michigan during their social studies unit. It was decided that those stamps had to be prepared because, after all, the mail must go through.

Election winners

Post master: Kaylee Ladd

Mail carriers: Sydney VanBuren, Laura Junker, Brianna Beemer, Morgan Gallinger

Mail sorters: Austin Rueffer, Grant Booher.

School thanks went out to the guests for taking part, third and fourth grade teachers for their support and guidance, parents for coming to the Family Fun Night Event, Schmidty’s Restaurant for catering the dinner, and Osceola Fremont Foundation, YAC (Youth Advisory Council, and Schmidty’s for their special donations.