Weather pushes back opening of COA's meal, activity site in Marion


REED CITY — Osceola County Commission on Aging Director Scott Schryer had hoped building renovations for the future meal and activity site in Marion would be completed by the start of the month.

However, the director told Osceola County Commissioners during their Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday work continues and a meeting on Wednesday would provide more insight on what else needed to be completed.

"Inside is almost complete," he said. "The three-compartment sink is still not delivered. The dishwasher has been delivered and installed. The refrigerator and stove have been installed."

Wet weather and cold temperatures have hindered work on the outside of the building, Schryer said.

"The weather still hasn't been the nicest to us," he said. "A lot of the side of the building has been completed. There's still a couple things being done to the roof."

Schryer added there are still a couple things left to do to complete the parapet, a low protective wall along the edge of a roof.

"The ramp itself is still not completed. As far as out-of-the-blue stuff goes, we're doing good right now," he said, knocking on the table.

When asked if it would be a few more weeks until the project was completed and the building open, the COA director was cautious about projecting a specific date.

"Nothing is written in stone," he said. "Tentatively, if they can get it done within the next week and half, two weeks. Then we can get the inspectors to come through for the occupancy (permit).

"I'm hoping by the end of May, tentatively."

"These things happen, things change," said Commissioner Larry Emig. "We know it can be later or on time."

Schryer added his concerns to commissioners in April about extending the Central Michigan District Health Department food license in April were misplaced. Since the April 18 meeting, Schryer has extended the COA's license for the Marion Eagles, which is renting out an area for senior meals.

"It was my misunderstanding on the quote of $700," he said. "That was for all four licenses. So, it wasn't that bad to extend the one for the Eagles."