OSCEOLA — A group of local mothers are banding together to make a change in the lives of women and children affected by domestic violence.

This week, WISE launched its Moms Uplifting Moms campaign. Similar to the “100 Men, $100” donation drive the domestic violence and sexual assault services center did in the fall, M.U.M. is designed to raise money and awareness for the issues facing women affected by domestic violence.

Patterns of domestic violence can wreak havoc not only on a woman’s self-esteem but on her ability to effectively parent, said WISE executive director, Kelley Samuels.

“This is a role-modeling campaign as much as it is a fundraising campaign,” Samuels said. “When we see successful women, we want to be successful as well.”

Samuels is joined by seven other inaugural members of the campaign: Joni Thompson, one of the founders of Angels of Action; Brenda Connell, women’s health services coordinator at Mecosta County Medical Center; community advocate and volunteer Lynne Scheible; Suzie Williams, executive director of the Reed City Area Chamber of Commerce; Bea Cooper, fire starter for Creative Leaders; and Lori Suppes, of Lerner, Csernei and Fath Financial Group.

Each of the seven women will commit three years and $73 — an amount representative of the 73-cents-on-the-dollar pay gap between American women and men — to WISE. During that time, they will serve as mentors for mothers who have survived domestic violence.

To learn how to become a M.U.M., contact WISE at (231) 796-6600.