Volunteers needed to serve

Spectrum Health needs patient, family advisory council members

REED CITY - Perhaps you’ve recently been a patient or have accompanied a friend or family member who have recently been a patient at Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital.. And perhaps you’ve made observations during those visits as to how we could improve the patient and family experience. The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) involves patients and families in partnership with Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital health care leaders, physicians and staff, to participate in shaping policy, program development and decision-making. \The Patient and Family Advisory Council acts as a consultant and resource for Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital. New members of the council are needed and community members who would like to share their ideas, thoughts and concerns should consider joining. Council members share insights that help leadership see through the eyes of patients and families, often leading to changes that directly improve the patient and family experience. With direct access to decision makers at Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital, the PFAC has made an impact on the culture of the organization and the issues that affect the patient experience. Recent initiatives include:
  • Worked on design ideas and operations for the newly opened palliative care suite
  • Consultation for the design and patient experience of the soon to be completed Susan P. Wheatlake Regional Cancer Center
  • Patient and family feedback with the team who is currently involved in the automated patient reminder call process.
To serve on the PFAC, you must be a current or former Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital patient, or a family member of a current or former patient. There are no qualifications for joining the council, other than a willingness to share your thoughts and ideas, and a sincere interest in improving the experience of all that receive care at Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital. To be considered for the role, participants should plan on a two-year term; attend monthly meetings to offer feedback and to share ideas openly, honestly and respectfully. PFAC members are volunteers and must complete an application and background check. Discussions and dialogues with other members of the council should include respect for others and their opinions, embrace cultural diversity as well as differing opinions. As a member of the PFAC, you will have the opportunity to make a real difference by sharing your ideas, perspectives and stories to design a health care experience that is exceptional for all patients and their families. For more information, contact Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital Center for Exceptional Experiences at (231)832.8550 or email Lisa Flint at lisa.flint@spectrumhealth.o