REED CITY — VFW Auxiliary 2964 believes in a lot of things, and the Reed City Cub Scout program is one of them.

According to Auxiliary president Pat Bull, the organization has helped Cub Scout Pack 174 now for 69 years, and certainly plans to continue.

Their latest fundraiser for that group was a bakeless bake sale. Told that, the same question you might have in your own mind was immediately asked. What the heck is a bakeless bake sale?

Exactly what it sounds like was the answer. Nobody goes out and buys a bunch of ingredients, spends a bunch of time baking, advertises it all over the place, and has to find people to set up and take down tables before the sale starts and when it ends.

Nobody does anything. Oh, but there is one main ingredient. Money. All donations for the imaginary goodies you might find at a bakeless bake sale are collected over a period of time, then donated to the local Cub Scout program.

Last Wednesday night, Cubmaster Jeff Venema was on hand to accept the check for the imaginary purchases, a hefty $462.

Bull noted that all women are invited to join the organization, “and we would welcome with open arms girls ages 16 and up. There isn’t a requirement that their fathers had to be the ones who served, but any girl who had even a grandfather or great-grandfather serve in a foreign war would be so welcome to be a part of our group.”

The VFW Auxiliary is active in a variety of projects throughout the year.