UPDATE: Reed City police clear up suspicious situation

REED CITY — What police in Reed City first believed to be a suspicious situation was found to be nothing harmful.

Police in Reed City cautioned residents about a suspicious situation involving individuals claiming to be from the Commission on Aging. The Reed City Police Department received a report involving two individuals in a dark-colored pickup approaching the residence of an elderly couple on Sunday, Jan. 21.

However, after further investigation, it was determined the individuals were from the local community corrections crew. The administrator of the program has his crew leader check on elderly individuals, as some of them may have no family in the area. They typically have contact with the residents while shoveling sidewalks, but if there is no snow to shovel they make contact to ensure their well-being.

If an issue is found, the administrator contacts the Commission on Aging to ensure the residents receive the help they need. Reed City Police reported the situation is no longer suspicious and is an act of good will.