Two RCAPS board members participate in last meeting

REED CITY — On Monday, Reed City Area Public Schools’ Board of Education recognized the work of two leaving members.

Ed Raby, vice president of the board, lost his position in November’s election. Scott Ridderman, whose term ends this month, chose not to run again.

“We appreciate what they have done for RCAPS and what they have done for the community,” said Tim Webster, RCAPS superintendent.

Dan Boyer, board president, also thanked the leaving members.

“We certainly haven’t always agreed on every issue,” Boyer said to Ridderman and Raby. “But when you disagree, you disagree like gentlemen. I really appreciated that about you both. This can be a really easy job or this can be a really hard job.”

The board members selected an unfortunate time to be on a public school board, Boyer said.

“It’s been a really hard job the length of time Ridderman and Raby have been here,” Boyer said. “But every time we had to cut our budget, we tried to find ways to lean forward.”

The board presented a plaque to both exiting members.

“It has been an honor and privilege to work with current and former board members,” Ridderman said. “I’d like to thank the staff and our administration. Thanks to them, I think we have the number one school in the state, as far as I’m concerned.”

Raby chose not to comment.

Craig Goodman and Derrick Bookwalter will be welcomed to the board in January.

Goodman’s wife, DeAnna Goodman, is principal of G.T. Norman Elementary School.