Tustin woman publishes 2nd book; plans signing

TUSTIN — Tustin author Eunice Ghent has published her second book. Entitled “The PS Book,” it has just been released.

The letters “PS” refer to the titles of each of the three sections of the book.

Section one is Plays and Skits; section two, Poems and Stories; section three, Potpourri and Stuff.

The book is a compilation of resource materials appropriate for a wide range of church events and activities such as youth camps, Sunday school skits, Vacation Bible School and Christmas, Easter and other holiday programs.

Many of the pieces were written by Ghent who also incorporates a number of selections she has gathered over the years written by others.

A highlight of the book in section one is the collection of holiday plays and skits by the author including ‘Easter Hats,” “Halloween Night,” “First Christmas” and “The Spirit of Christmas.”

With over 150 pages, the book is a valuable tool for church leaders and educators seeking ready-to-use skits, plays, stories and other materials suitable for many occasions throughout the year.

Ghent was born in the north of England, in scenic Yorkshire. She and her family moved to London where they lived during World War II. Later, they came to the United States where she met the man she fell in love with and married.

“I was always interested in writing,” Ghent said. “I keep a journal on a regular basis, and as a girl in boarding school I wrote murder mysteries.”

The story of the young girl who left Yorkshire, attended boarding school in wartime London and her subsequent life and marriage in the United States is related in Ghent’s first book, “New Beginnings.”“The PS Book” and “New Beginnings” are both available on Amazon.com.

“I’ve already begun preliminary work on my third book,” Ghent said. “It tells the experiences and adventures my husband and I had during the five years we traveled through more than thirty states in our recreational vehicle.”

Ghent lives in Tustin with her husband Harry, who is retired from a military career. She plays an active role in her church, the Edgetts Wesleyan Church in Luther. She has been a Sunday school teacher, director of Vacation Bible School and served in various other ministries.

If you’d like to meet Ghent and take a look at “The PS Book,” stop by her table in front of the Gospel Book Store and Gifts at 120 S. Mitchell St. in Cadillac on July 29 and 30. She will be there from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. both days for a book signing event during the Cadillac Sidewalk Sales days.