Tustin kids visit firehouse

TUSTIN — Many little boys and girls dream of becoming all sorts of things in life, but ranking right up there are still “a policeman” and “a fireman.”

So it was that some youngsters not only got to visit the local fire department recently, and maybe revisit those dreams of their some days, but also get a first hand lesson on safety too, from a very real fireman.

Tustin Elementary students have a short jaunt to their local fire department, but that’s where they got a first hand and up close look at what being a fireman really means.

They got to check out the equipment, hear about safety, and were undoubtedly reminded that you never, ever play with matches.

They tried on oxygen masks, gas masks, board a fire truck, and ask lots of questions. An important part was that those lots of answers came from the real life personnel who are their friends and neighbors, maybe, but also sometimes saving lives and being real life heroes.

The visit took place during Fire Prevention Month, and a variety of demonstrations added to the learning of what a special role fire personnel do play in so many lives.