Trinity students welcome grandparents to class

REED CITY — Chuck Dean closely watched Trinity Lutheran School kindergarten teacher James Jacobson gather his students around him to go over the answers to their special interviews.

"He got them quiet," Dean chuckled as his grandson Matthew Kage and the kindergartener's classmates promptly quieted down to hear from the teacher.

Dean, along with many other grandparents, were special guests in classrooms at Trinity school on Friday as students and teachers celebrated Grandparents' Day.

"It's been a lot of fun," Dean said of the special visit to Matthew's class on Friday. "You realize how chaotic it can really be in here. I'm sure (Jacobson) is a great organizer. They like him."

Friday morning began with a chapel session, as special worship leader and guest David Paul Britton led students and grandparents in song and a message about faith.

Following chapel, students and grandparents made their way to classrooms and shared a snack before spending the rest of the morning doing crafts or playing games.

Third- and fourth-grade teacher Aaron Rohde had his students interview their grandparents. Students were tasked with finding out a variety of things they did not know about their grandparent: what sports did they play, favorite school subject, best friend, pets when they were young and some of their favorite books.

Trinity Principal Jason Harder said Friday's special event was a return to a longtime tradition at the school.

"The school hasn't had (Grandparents' Day) in a couple years," the first-year principal explained. "Normally, it's in the fall, at the start of the school year."

Harder said he and the staff wanted to have Grandparents' Day, and it took time to determine whether to have it in the fall or spring.

"We wanted to make sure that we didn't miss any of the snowbirds, and that the kids had someone here with them for it," he said. "It worked out perfectly to have it (Friday) and on St. Patrick's Day. It's nice to bring it back."