Trinity Lutheran hosts evening of operettas

REED CITY — Every practice before the big event seemed just a bit easier and even a little bit better than the one before, but when it came time for the actual nights operettas, ahhhhh. “They were absolutely wonderful,” said one lady who had witnessed the progression, and then the realities of the “real thing, twice.”

The plays were performed on both Thursday morning, April 28, and again Friday night, April 29, to appreciative crowds. Area school children and others also invited to come to earlier performances as well.

There was laughter, and there was appreciation for all the effort that went into the productions.

Not only did the kids work hard, but so did the teachers, the staff, the principal, and many others. It was meant to be fun, but a learning experience as well. It promised to make a lasting impression, and very likely did.

The preschool and kindergarten classes starred in “A Man Named Noah,” and the first through eighth graders did likewise in “The Old Testament-Fast Forward.”

Costumes were cute and creative, with many of the younger children dressed like critters from Noah’s Ark. Some of the older students had to deal with beards that wouldn’t cooperate, and wear gowns that showed long bare legs peeking out beneath, but by the time they reached performance time, they had adapted to the challenges and knew the meaning of the show must go on, and it certainly did.

If applause was the indicator, it was wonderful. If praise for all the effort given by students and staff alike was the barometer for measuring success, it was absolutely marvelous.