Trinity Lutheran holds open house, provides glimpse of school

REED CITY — It was an opportunity to meet the principal and the pastor, talk with teachers and check out what is available to children and parents alike at Trinity Lutheran School in Reed City, come fall.

The school held its annual open house Sunday afternoon, providing a glimpse of the life of the school, including walls and hall filled with posters and displays, videos, introductions to teachers, visits to classrooms, and learning what it is Trinity has to offer.

For a number of parents, there were questions about the costs involved, and they had a chance to watch the interaction between their child and preschool teachers, as well as others.

In many instances, there was some bashfulness, but many children appeared very comfortable exploring the classrooms, as the adults talked.

One little girl armed herself with a book, perched on a chair and announced that she was pretending she was the teacher. Her mom said the child loves to play school at home, and she’s always the teacher. “She knew exactly what to do,” she said as she watched.

Another child wandered away from her parents and checked out the displays on walls throughout one classroom, then announced to a woman nearby, “I like this one best!”

There were refreshments available, and a number of older students were on hand to interact with the little children and help them feel more comfortable as well.