REED CITY — It was a thought-jiggling Christmas program Trinity Lutheran School first through fourth grade students put on last week.  Instead of the “usual”  type of Christmas script, this one  brought in “street tough kids,” a bit of rap, dance, and stealing.

There was a real message behind the performance.  While it was entertaining and crea

ted laughter at times, it was also one that made one think.  Undoubtedly the students.  Undoubtedly those who saw the performance.

The message was about Christmas in every sense of the word, and the world.  Food was being gathered to donate to others, the “media” was involved, and then it was discovered that shortly before the food and gifts were to be distributed, they had been stolen.

A couple of students played the role of the young thieves, and the story while it made one laugh, also made one think.  Think about things like helping others, and those who “help themselves” to what was meant to help others.  It was about repentance and love.  Caring and sharing.

For the youngsters who are a part of Trinity here in Reed City, it was a work of art, this performance, and one that will last long in many memories.