REED CITY — Every indication is that Halloween in coming soon.

Area residents don’t need a calendar or almanac to let them know the traditional evening of begging and merry-making is drawing near.

Everything around the extended neighborhood points in that direction.

Houses are ghoulishly gaily decorated.

Stores are filled with both costumes and goodies for distribution.

And Mother Nature is lending a hand as well.

Trees rapidly are emptying of their leaves and brisk, cool days and evenings are a sure sign that Halloween is near.

Yahoo! It’s Halloween time once again.

Hundreds of local super-heroes, princesses, goblins, and clowns will be hitting the streets, in the annual search for sweets and treats from kind, open-handed benefactors throughout the area.

Halloween is a great time to be a kid and generally fun for all involved.

This year, the “official” Trick-or-Treat time in Evart is from 5-8 p.m. Monday evening, Oct. 31.

In Reed City, the time to hit the streets and get begging is from 5-7 p.m. that same day — Oct. 31

Marion kids will be out Trick or Treating Monday, Oct. 31, beginning at 5 p.m. and ending at 8 p.m.

Throughout the Halloween period, and especially while kids are out Trick-or-Treating, local law enforcement officials hope everyone will take basic steps to stay safe.

  • Young children should always be accompanied by an adult or an older, responsible child.
  • Have your trick-or-treater carry your cell phone.
  • All children should WALK, not run from house to house and use the sidewalk if available, rather than walk in the street.
  • Only cross the street at cross-walks and always look both ways.
  • Children should be cautioned against running out from between parked cars, or across lawns and yards where ornaments, furniture, or clotheslines present dangers.
  • Going out in groups with several adults in attendance ensures children will be supervised.
  • Children should go only to homes where they know the residents.
  • Choose homes which have outside lights on as a sign of welcome.
  • Homes should be well lit inside as well as out.
  • Children should not enter homes or apartments unless they are accompanied by an adult.
  • If you are expecting trick-or-treaters remove anything that could be an obstacle from lawns, steps and porches.
  • Candlelit Jack-o’-lanterns should be kept away from landings and doorsteps where costumes could brush against the flame.
  • Indoor Jack-o’-lanterns should be kept away from curtains, decorations, and other furnishings that could be ignited.
  • Consider using battery operated candles, tea lights or flashlights to illuminate your decorative accents instead of candles.

Another well-expected and much-appreciated reminder to residents of Reed City that they need to stocking up on “treats” to avoid the obligatory “tricks” handed out if holiday beggars aren’t rewarded is the annual Reed City Elementary School Halloween Parade.

The Parade will take place on Friday, Oct. 28, beginning at 10:45 a.m.

Third, fourth, and fifth graders from G.T. Norman Elementary School will leave the school building decked out in their Halloween finest.

Ghosts and goblins, spooks and superheroes, princesses and presidential look-a-likes, will make their way to the County Courthouse before heading through the downtown business district on West Upton.

Then, the happy horde will return to the school via Chestnut Street.

Planners hope area residents will step out-of-doors to enjoy the show — and applaud the costume creativity of the kids all along the parade route.

It’s a lot of fun for everyone.