RICHMOND TWP. —  The possibility of a new township hall was discussed by members of the Richmond Township Board and the Richmond Township Downtown Development Authority Board at a special meeting on May 7.

Constructing a new building has not yet been set in stone, but board members are looking at building and cost options if they decide to push forward with the idea. The property where the new hall would be built is located on 220th Avenue. The land was donated to the township in 2010 by the Ilene Patterson Trust. If the township does not build on the property within 10 years, the land would be returned to its previous owner.

A concept design of the potential building was created by Jim Kremsreiter of JBS Contracting, Inc. of Mount Pleasant. The structure is roughly 6,000 square foot and can be changed to fit the board’s needs.

“It’s very, very, preliminary,” said Kremsreiter. “I just drew up the plans while thinking what a township hall would need and sent it to them. We’ve never met or discussed anything.”

The concept includes four offices, a kitchen, two bathrooms, storage spaces, a mechanical room and a large meeting room.

Richmond Township Supervisor Maynard Bluhm said the hall is being considered because the community is in need of a larger meeting room and offices for the board and staff.

The collective board members also expressed some concerns with the concept of the hall, including moving air conditioning units away from the roof line, window locations, the possibility of adding storage space for tables and chairs, revision of the entry and coat rack area layout, adding a basement, deciding which rooms are under lock and key, expenses for new furniture, appliances and equipment, and room capacity limitations.

“I believe the users have to make the biggest decisions. When I say ‘the users,’ I mean the township board,” said Richmond Township Downtown Development Authority Chairman Paul Thibodeau.

Bluhm said the board plans to meet with a representative from JBS Contracting, Inc. at 2 p.m. on May 31 to work with the company on the design of the tentative building and to have questions answered.