Top 25 third-grade students compete in spelling bee at GT Norman

REED CITY — Students in the crowd sat on the edge of their seats as anticipation grew while they watched their classmates battle round after round and word after word.

On Wednesday, the top 25 students from from GT Norman’s third grade stood in front of teachers, parents and classmates as they competed for first place in the spelling bee.

To be one of the top 25 students, each of the five third-grade classrooms had separate spelling bees and the top five students from each class who participated went forward.

After students spelled 153 words, Mason Patterson took first place, but getting the trophy wasn’t easy.

Second place winner Kaylin Gooodman and Patterson went 26 rounds together before first place was won.

“It was a lot of fun, but I was nervous on stage,” said Patterson. “I practiced with my mom for a month for the spelling bee.”

One at a time, each student spelled out the word given to them by assistant principal Rob Nista. They had one chance to spell the word and had a whiteboard to write down their words if they needed to.

If participants spelled the word wrong, they were eliminated from the competition, but received a medal. The top three spellers received a medal and a trophy.

“Each grade does something special every year and this year third grade had a spelling bee,” said Sue Rice, third grade teacher. “Spelling bees help students practice their spelling, speaking, listening and patience. It’s also a great way to get them excited about learning.”