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ONE-WOMAN OPERATION: Bridget Coffey, of Cadillac, started Megan’s Cupcakes in 2008. She caters events and parties across Northern Michigan, offering delivery service and a variety of tastes. (Herald Review photos/Sarah Neubecker)
ONE-WOMAN OPERATION: Bridget Coffey, of Cadillac, started Megan’s Cupcakes in 2008. She caters events and parties across Northern Michigan, offering delivery service and a variety of tastes. (Herald Review photos/Sarah Neubecker)

Cadillac woman’s cupcake business offers variety of homemade flavors

CADILLAC —  After spending years working behind a desk in big-city corporate America, Bridget Coffey found her true calling in the kitchen. Originally from Cadillac, Coffey and her husband, David, lived in the Detroit area and Miami before moving back to her hometown in 2008. “The kids were getting a little bit older and we wanted to be near family and escape the big city so we came back. My husband just said to me one day, ‘What do you want to do, now that we’re here?’ and I said, ‘I want to start a cupcake business.’” Naming her business after her 8-year-old daughter, Megan, Coffey founded Megan’s Cupcakes in 2008 as a self-taught cupcake baker. She renovated a portion of her garage to include a cupcake kitchen, which is decorated in pink flowers, polka dots and photos of happy customers with their cupcakes. “Instead of Bridget’s cupcakes or Coffey cupcakes, I thought Megan’s Cupcakes would be cute. She likes cupcakes,” Coffey said. “A lot of times people call me Megan, but I just say I’m Megan’s mom.” Through giving out free samples for the first year and a half, Coffey — also known as “Chief Cupcake” — worked to expand her customer base. Now, four years later, Megan’s Cupcakes is a local success. Coffey caters around 50 events per year, from weddings and anniversaries to fundraisers and black tie parties, serving as many as 300 cupcakes on a three- to seven- tiered cupcake stand. She begins baking as early as 5 a.m. each morning, and makes flavors from the top-selling chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, to more unusual flavors such as Guiness Beer cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Megan’s Cupcakes also has a Facebook page with almost 700 ‘likes.’ Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Coffey sells her cupcakes from the donut counter at the PBS Marathon station at 1010 South Mitchell St. in Cadillac. “We’re not a big enough area to be able to support a cupcake-only bakery like they have in bigger cities, which was what we saw in the Detroit area and Miami, but people still like those things,” Coffey said. “So if we could do it on a smaller scale in terms of a catering business, that’s where I found my niche.” Known for her unique personal touch and delicate attention to detail, Coffey’s customers agree cupcake-making is the perfect niche for the stay-at-home mom. Hannah Sengelaub, who had Megan’s Cupcakes at her wedding on Sept. 15, heard about Megan’s Cupcakes when she attended bridal show in Big Rapids. “I knew right away after tasting her sample cupcakes at the Bridal Show that I needed to have them for my wedding,” Sengelaub said. “Not only were they absolutely delicious, they were displayed lovely as well.” Made in small batches each day from time-tested family recipes, Coffey’s cupcakes come in a variety of flavors. Sengelaub and her husband, Derek, selected apple spice cupcakes with carmel buttercream frosting, chocolate Guinness Beer cupcakes with Bailey’s buttercream frosting and raspberry cheesecake, with a layer of graham cracker crust on the bottom. “My guests were more than pleased with my choice to use Megan’s Cupcakes. I heard only positive comments about them, and I would have to agree! I would most definitely use Megan’s Cupcakes again for a special event or get-together. I also would refer my friends to her in a heartbeat.” Along with attending bridal shows in Big Rapids and Cadillac, word-of-mouth advertising and customer referrals are the main way Megan’s Cupcakes finds new business. “Anytime someone orders cupcakes, I always try to get their email address to send out monthly newsletters of what the new monthly flavors are,” Coffey said. “That’s the fun part of being in Northern Michigan is the season change and the flavors change.” For the Thanksgiving season, Coffey featured gingerbread cupcakes with pumpkin creme cheese frosting, while the Christmas season brought rum cupcakes with pineapple buttercream, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate and peppermint sprinkles and a unique cranberry orange cupcake. “I’ve done red velvet every year (for Christmas), but you’re eating so many rich foods with rich flavors over the holidays, I thought the cranberry and the orange were really refreshing,” she said. “It has real Michigan cranberries in it that are pureed and chopped inside the cupcake, and then I top it with an orange-infused buttercream cranberry glaze.” After experiencing the sweetness of Megan’s Cupcakes at an event in Big Rapids last year, Michelle (Herron) Rasmussen knew who to call when planning her Nov.10 wedding. “We had her cupcakes at the (Mecosta County) Chamber Gala and they were literally gone in a matter of eight minutes,” Rasmussen said. She and her husband, Gary, chose gingerbread cupcakes with buttercream frosting, chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting, carmel apple cupcakes with buttercream frosting and maple cupcakes with maple cream frosting. “It was hard to choose, honestly she has a huge selection,“ Rasmussen said. “She cut maple leaves out of pie crusts and put them on the top (of the maple cupcakes).” For customers looking for a normal-sized cake, Coffey also offers the “Big Betty,” a large cupcake filled with frosting. “Big Betty is the most amazing, largest cupcake that you’ll ever want to have in front of you,” Rasmussen said, who ordered a “Big Betty” for her wedding. “It’s litterally three layers of cake with frosting in between and a big mountain of frosting on top. We sliced into it and afterwards I took it to work and gave the office staff (at Michigan Works!) the rest of Big Betty.” Along with baking creations to satisfy the sweet tooth of customers in Northern Michigan, Megan’s Cupcakes also offers delivery service, which Sengelaub said was a blessing on her special day. “It was very nice that she was able to travel to Big Rapids to deliver the cupcakes and put together the cake table,” she said. “One less thing for the stressed out bride to have to think about.” When holiday and special event orders pile up for the one-woman operation, Megan’s Cupcakes becomes a family affair. Her 12-year-old son, Tim, and Megan each help Coffey bake cupcakes, and her husband, David, helps deliver them. “Last Memorial Day weekend when it was a holiday weekend, a wedding weekend and graduation weekend, we were turning out around 1,000 cupcakes,” Coffey said. “I won’t ever turn anybody down for an order, but I do get to the point sometimes when I can’t deliver, so that’s when I get my husband to deliver for me or I start having people pick up. “My son helps me sell cupcakes at the art fair in downtown Cadillac in the summer. We do a smores cupcake and we roast a little mini marshmallow on top with a creme brule torch. He torches the marshmallows, and likes to have fun with it. He’ll come out and help me with it and my daughter likes to play around in the kitchen.”While her cupcake business continues to flourish, Coffey doesn’t plan on letting it get too big to hinder her from enjoying time in the Northern Michigan outdoors or spending time on the lake outside her front door. “I bake fresh all the time, so most of the time I get up really early in the morning and I get my baking done and I get my deliveries done and then it’s over and I’m out there on the lake,” she said. For more information on Megan’s cupcakes, visit
or call (248) 765-6957 or like Megan’s Cupcakes on Facebook.