Thousands take part in Evart Egg Drop

EASTER BY AIR: After a short period of waiting, (but seemingly forever if you're four years old!), thousands of eggs poured out of the sky above Evart's Municipal Airport as the second annual Easter Egg Drop took place last Saturday. Thousands of area residents, and close to 1,000 kids joined together for a spectacular community 'happening' and and afternoon of high anticipation, and lots of good fun. The event went off without a hitch.

Close to 1,000 youngsters showed up for the annual Easter Egg Drop at the Evart Municipal Airport on Saturday afternoon, creating a festive pre-Easter holiday atmosphere throughout the community. Some 10,000 colorful eggs filled with goodies rained down from the sky as young participatnts waited patiently before being released to gather as many of the fun-filled prizes as they could alongside the taxiway.

With participation from many municipal and civic organizations and volunteers, the afternoon’s entertainment came off without a hitch, and a great afternoon of fun and fellowship was enjoyed by kids, parents and grandparents alike. (Pioneer photos/Jim Crees)