REED CITY — It was a special night for Reed City soccer teams Wednesday (Oct. 6) when parents took to the track for a special ceremony between the junior varsity and varsity games.

Each player was introduced along with his special someone, and in the case of Ben Schermerhorn, there were four generations of special someones, including himself.

Not only his mom, Chris, accompanied him, but so did his grandmother, Aloma Grein, and his great-grandmother, Dorothy Grein.

Aloma said she was very proud of him, and Dorothy couldn’t help but toss in, “I just love him to pieces.” Perched on a “gator” during the game, Dorothy, now a young 90-year-old, confessed she’d been that for a while now. She obviously loved rooting him on as she downed a hot dog and other snacks, and said, “and I’m just having a lot of fun.”

Losing the game 4-1 against Clare that night wasn’t all that much fun, but undoubtedly when rethinking the memories of that night in 2011, Ben in the years ahead will grin again and again.

The junior varsity picked up a win against the Pioneers.