Reed City — Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause for death in this nation, and not far behind is stoke at number four.

The sad part is that in many cases the risks both of these diseases can be eliminated with a healthy lifestyle. The American Heart Association’s HeartChase is an event with the purpose of getting families, friends and coworkers involved in an activity together.

The Reed City Depot was host to its first HeartChase, with 6 teams registered and ready to hit the trails to find clues and participate in games to gather points. About 10 stations were set up along the White Pine Trails starting at the depot. Teams scrambled to the covered bridge, Westerberg Park and other areas marked on maps. Each station had a task to complete which encouraged the teams to work together.

Some of the challenges were easy, like the ones that had members coloring in a heart using markers attached to rulers or throwing rings onto cones.

Then there were a few that posed to be more difficult, like the trivia baseball game, in which each person had to answer a question to win runs around the bases. Do you remember what year High School Musical 3 was set? If not, that’s one strike.

Another station required a blindfolded member to be coached by another to find certain objects in a particular order. Trust was a factor in this challenge as there were a few trees in the area to avoid. To finish all the challenges took about 2 hours and then all the points were tallied. First Place of an afternoon out for dinner, fun at AJ’S and a Whitecaps game went to the Gable Family with a score of 8000 points. Runner up with 7840 points was a group of 5 coworkers from Spectrum Health.

They will enjoy a canoe trip through JJ’s Livery, and donations from other local businesses including Head to Toe, Pere Marquette and Hersey River Soaps. “The point was to get people out and moving around. Get them to enjoy the beautiful day and inspire them to be more active.” Says Al Wineberg, one of the committee members of HeartChase. To join or follow one of these events go to