Taking a second look

REED CITY – Coyote fans caught a glimpse of something more than cheerleaders and football players at Reed City High School’s Homecoming game last week.

Positioned around the gym and the football field were life sized sculptures created by Amy McGuire’s art classes. The focus of the semester has been pop art and students learned about several artists, including Mark Jenkins. An American artist, living in Washington DC, Jenkins is well known for his street sculptures using clear packing tape. He refers to his work as the “Glazed Paradise” in which people passing by become a part of his work through their interactions.

“Students were asked to create sculptures that would grab people’s attention in everyday activities,” McGuire said.

They worked with partners to wrap their bodies and limbs using saran wrap and packing tape.

“We did use plastic models to make the heads, though!” Kayla Davis, chuckled as she explained the process. A wide variety of pieces were scattered throughout the hallways in the high school.

Plastic “Students” could be seen sitting a desk, standing in the lunchroom, drinking from the water fountain and even coming out of a wall or ceiling. At first glance, some of the fully dressed creations were quite lifelike, surprising those who walked by.

A few sculptures braved the elements outside the school so community members could also see these interesting works of art.