Summer camp dates set at Eagle Village

HERSEY — Two youth camps and a family-focused camp are available for boys and girls ages 9 to 17 and for families to take control of the situation and get healthier together.

Family camps are on-going and summer camp dates begin in June. Follow the above links or call for specific date availability.

Summer Camps will challenge, excite, and encourage pre-teens and teens that push back against authority, struggle behaviorally, are challenged to control their anger or go the opposite direction, and internalize their feelings.

Family Challenge Weekends allow parents and youth to attend together, learning new skills and insight into their relationship. Families identify issues, learn to communicate, set limits and goals, and develop conflict resolution strategies.

Eagle Village is a non-profit healing and treatment center that provides Intervention Services, Residential Treatment, Foster Care and Adoption services for all counties in Michigan. For more information about Eagle Village or their programs, please call 231-832-2234 or visit