Summer arrives early at GT Norman

By Shannon Hartley

Special to the Osceola Pioneer

REED CITY  - Recent winter storms have area residents shoveling and plowing almost on a daily basis.

Many area schools haven’t had a full week of school for several weeks due to snow days. Reed City has missed eight days already before the end of February. This trend in the weather didn’t stop the sun from shining for the kindergarteners at G.T. Norman Elementary last week. Students, teachers and parent volunteers celebrated their annual Beach Day, which brought a day of fun “summery” activities indoors.

For half of the day, boys and girls wandered through several classrooms filled with games and crafts ,all within the beach theme.  Beach chairs, umbrellas and palm trees replaced the winter decorations. Children made starfish pictures using shredded wheat, colored fish shaped window clings, and made tropical designs with stamps.  A few learned the art of lei making by stringing flower cutouts for a beautiful necklace. Popular stops on their beach tour were the kiddie pools, one filled with water and one with sand. Sand castles being built indoors was definitely a sight to see.

Of course a day at the beach always makes those little ones hungry , however instead of taking a trip to the cafeteria, they got to enjoy a  BBQ picnic lunch hot off the grill.  A special treat was the blue frosted cookie they could decorate with goldfish and fruit roll up “seaweed” .

The day wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to Spring Hill for some swimming.  Beach balls were in the air and everyone was having a great time. The new addition of water slides at the pool was a hit among the children as well.

While the temperature was in the 20s outside and the snow was falling, there was a hint of summer in the Kindergarten classrooms, even it is was just for the day.

Hearing the sounds of their laughter and the enormous grins on their faces was enough to warm anyone’s heart.