Success on the GED is now just clicks away in Big Rapids

BIG RAPIDS — In striving to offer more adults without a high school diploma an opportunity to obtain a high school credential, Michigan Works! West Central recently became a Pearson Vue authorized GED test center and now offers the GED test on computer. Online registration, scheduling and testing is now available to test-takers.

“December 2013 marked the end of an era for the paper-pencil version of the GED nationwide,” said Paul Griffith, executive director of Michigan Works! West Central. “While becoming an authorized Pearson Vue GED test center was quite a rigorous process, it was well worth it because a high school diploma or GED still remains the primary ticket to entry-level jobs. And many times, it’s also the prerequisite for career advancement or training."

There are several new services available with this new testing format that will streamline the testing process and benefit adult learners who often need to move very quickly into jobs or training programs. These benefits include:

  • Online scheduling and registration that is available 24/7.
  • More testing flexibility for test-takers.
  • Instant unofficial score reports: faster results mean adults can apply for jobs or immediately begin studying if they need to retake a subject area.
  • Enhanced test security.

In addition to being an authorized GED test center, Michigan Works! West Central also provides GED preparation, which allows students to conveniently access the core subject areas of the new GED test so that prep work can be completed quickly and accurately. Practice tests give students an idea of what the test will be like, helps them to identify areas that they need work in by giving immediate feedback, and lets them know that the test is a mountain worth climbing.

“According to the most recent Census Bureau-American Community Survey data, Michigan residents who have less than a high school diploma earn on average just over $19,000 per year, and those who have a high school diploma or GED earn just over $26,000 per year, which is a pretty significant increase,” Griffith said.

The computerized GED test and GED preparation is currently offered in Big Rapids and will soon be available at the Michigan Works! Service Centers in Baldwin, Fremont and Reed City.

For adults interested in taking or learning more about the GED test or GED preparation, please contact Becky at Michigan Works! West Central at (231) 660-0266.