Students rally together for local girl

REED CITY — It is always difficult to find out someone you love is battling cancer, especially when that person is a child. A whole community is affected, including friends and staff members in the school system.

In times like these, communities come together to provide any kind of support possible for the families, and Reed City Area Public School’s students and staff did the same when they heard Hailey Elton needed their support.

Marcy Hammond’s fourth grade class began a fundraiser called Hats for Hailey. On every Friday in October, students could donate $1 in exchange for wearing a hat all day. Families of students also went beyond that amount, giving larger amounts and gift cards.

“We just all wanted to help," said Riley Harrison. "Everyone was giving a lot."

Kellee Beilfuss, a teacher at the middle school, also had her own idea for a fundraiser. The student council collected donations and for the last week of October they matched dollar for dollar what they collected. The goal was $1,000, and if the goal was met the students would receive a special assembly.

After the week ended, the students learned the goal had been reached and the assembly took place. During the event, several staff members, including Kellee Beilfuss herself, received a shaved haircut thanks to volunteers from Head to Toe Salon. Others opted for some green and purple dye jobs.