Students hold post office elections at Evart Elementary

EVART — It had all the makings of a real election, and for the Evart Elementary School students who took part in one way or another, the Wee Deliver Elections recently, it had to feel like the real thing as well.

The youngsters were nominated for various offices including postmaster, mail carriers, and mail sorters, campaigned, made posters to encourage fellow classmates to vote for them, gave speeches, had an election night dinner, went to the polls and felt victory or defeat as the winners were announced.

Carter Prichard and Ryan Elder were the candidates for postmaster. Six candidates were vying for four spots as mail carriers, including Ryan Yahner, Garret Johnson, Kylie Stokes, Madison Hammer, Marina Ross and Nathan Woods.

Troy Lodholtz and Felecia Nelson were the nominees for the mail sorter spot.

Students not winning the election were sworn in with those who were, and are expected to step in and perform the duties when the newly elected individuals are unavailable to perform their duties.

The night was special for the candidates, with them available to discuss their platforms and even sign autographs.

The school-wide celebration for all students included dinner catered by Schmidty’s, and Mayor Eric Schmidt acted as emcee for the evening. Paul Brown led singing of the national anthem, and Sen. Darwin Booher and Audrey Smith of the Evart post office were special guests.

Following speeches by the candidates, the winners of the third grade class stamp creation contest were introduced to the audience. Sydney VanBuren, Abby Brown and Wyatt Boyd were the winners of the competition which meant designing a stamp based on Native Americans and settlers, based on their social studies class work.

The polls were open until 7 p.m., and after the winners were announced, all nominees were sworn in, and acknowledged by the honored guests. A cake reception followed.

Winners had not been confirmed by press time.