Students experience a traditional feast

REED CITY — During the month of November, school age children learn all about the life of Native Americans, the Pilgrims’ voyage to Plymouth Rock, and, of course, the first Thanksgiving.

One of the traditions at G.T. Norman Elementary School is the first grade Thanksgiving feast, where students help to prepare the meal. From peeling pounds of potatoes and carrots to baking pumpkin pies and muffins, students all had hands-on experience just like their ancestors. They especially liked making butter from scratch.

In true Thanksgiving style, more than 100 first graders dressed up in their handmade Native American vests and headbands, sat at two long tables and enjoyed a meal together. Not only was there turkey, potatoes, corn, stuffing and muffins, but students also got to try some venison courtesy of teacher William Jacobs.

Students were very proud of the food they made and learned a valuable lesson about working together to prepare a delicious feast they could enjoy with the company of their friends and teachers.