Students enjoy annual beach day

REED CITY — As storm after storm hits Michigan, it seems like winter will never end, but subzero temperatures outside didn’t stop teachers and students from bringing a hint of summer into their kindergarten classrooms, even it is was just for the day.

Students and teachers at G.T. Norman Elementary are getting tired of inside recess due to the weather. In the kindergarten wing, however, teachers and parent volunteers find a way every year to bring a little summer fun indoors for a day. The annual Beach Day is always a hit with students.

Classrooms were decorated to give everyone the feel of being at the beach. Students could freely move from one room to another to participate in games or make crafts. They used shredded wheat to make starfish pictures, created colored fish shaped window clings and made their very own seascapes or aquariums to take home. A few learned the art of lei making by stringing flower cutouts for a beautiful necklace.

It wouldn’t be a beach without sand and water, so even those were brought indoors. A water table perfect for playing with boats and a sand table for building sandcastles were popular destinations throughout the day. In addition to the activities at school, all the kindergarten classes took a trip to Spring Hill Camps for a half-day of swimming.

To complete the beach experience, everyone was treated to a barbecue picnic lunch and their special ocean treat was a blue frosted cookie they could decorate with goldfish and fruit roll up as “seaweed.”