Student success honored at EMS Pride Awards

EVART— Evart Middle School students and staff recently took time to gather in order to celebrate student success across the school spectrum.

The highly anticipated monthly event is typically held the first Friday of the month. Awards were given in the core areas of English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Students were also awarded for their sportsmanship, musical and artistic talents, as well as outstanding citizenship.

The entire EMS school family recognizes the importance of celebrating student character and achievement.

As students cheer for and applaud their fellow classmates, a sense of community and pride can certainly be felt throughout the auditorium.

EMS Pride Awards January:

● Beg. Band Best Section

Arianna Schneider Mooney, Mikelle Williams, Carlie Gostlin, Alex Hamilton.

● Beginning Band Most Improved: Angel Porter;

● Beginning Band Most Valuable: Carter McLachlan;

● Cadet Band Most Improved: Alexis Todd;

● Cadet Band Most Valuable: Halee Gillis;

● Cadet Band Best Section: Alex Swales, Pam Carter, Kaitlyn Gudding, Cyana Dellar, Sara Rakowski, Megan Szelag;

● Math Award: Jacob Kleeves, Amber Webster, Taylor Vespie, Rebecca Kleeves, Kyle Stokes, Scott Whitman, Erin Flowers;

● BoxTops/Labels Winners: Tanner Ryan, Megan Myers, Shane Sarna, Sydney VanBuren, Hayden Morgan;

● Science Award: Sydney VanBuren, Jonah Smith, Dana Vore, Trevin Ladd, Megan Batten, Christian Booher, Ashley Burhans;

● Soc. Studies Award: Hannah Wetters, Carter McLachlan, Kamryn Struble, Joe Eastman;

● Reading Award: Donavin Reagan, Marina Ross, Taylor Laesser, Thomas Galley, Rebecca Grable, Arrow Vibbert, Brett Barry;

● Author Award: Dylan Gumpher, Erin Flowers, Garth Belleville, Halee Gillis, Rose Clark, Mariah Fisher, Richard Foster;

● Sportsmanship Award: Jacob Brandal, Megan Myers, Arthur Kunitzer, Laura Junker;

● Caught! Award: Matt Maney;

● Citizenship Award: Leann Foster, Parker Henry, Briannah Beemer, Garrett Johnson, Sara Rakowski, Kendan Todd, Layne Nadig, Ashley Laesser;

● Spanish Award: Felecia Kemerer.