Sportsmen looking forward to spring

Kyle Randall
Kyle Randall

PARIS — Kyle Randall is like a lot of outdoor observers keeping his eye on outdoor events to see what’s working and what’s not working for area sportsmen.

“I was in Cadillac and they were on lakes Mitchell and Cadillac and were catching some panfish but not a lot,” Randall, a Paris resident and TV host of the Wilderness Journal, said recently. “Locally the Big Rapids area, I was told there were some folks catching some small pike out at the Haymarsh.

“The only thing I know of other than that is when it’s warm enough, there’s been some steelhead coming out of the rivers west of here. But the cold temperatures (in mid-February) kind of slowed that down.

“I do know there’s been guys running their beagles. We had a nice blanket of snow the days we were up to 25 degrees. I know a guy who have been running dogs and have had success chasing rabbits. But to be honest, everyone is starting to turn their attention to spring time.”

Hunters are thinking of the spring turkey season and going to various hunting shows, Randall added.

“It’s time for people to switch gears,” he said. “I know everyone is kind of tired of the cold. There’s still a little bit of outdoor fun to be had. But most folks are looking for spring.”