Snowcoming festivities complete with storm

Mother Nature did her best to cause chaos for Reed City’s Snowcoming schedule. Basketball games had to be rescheduled for Saturday afternoon, which interfered with many of the student’s plans. Unfortunately due to these changes, the usual announcing of the Snowcoming Court did not occur during halftime at the Varsity boy’s game for family and friends to see. Even though this was a bit of disappointment for those being honored, it was definitely made up for with the cheers of their fellow students as they were announced during the Snowcoming Dance. Beautifully decorated with lights and snowflakes, the high school cafeteria and hallways once again was transformed into party central for students. It was clear with the large turnout that Mother Nature did not win.

There was a win, however, that night as Snowcoming King and Queen were announced. The anticipation was unbearable for the row of seniors when Mr. Hoppes moved the crown several times among them before finally crowning the winners. Ryan Leonard and Amanda Steig couldn’t hide their excitement when the crowns touched their heads. Both seniors have been very achieved in sports and academics during their high school years and had much to say about their night.

“When I felt the crown being placed on my head, it was such a rush,” Amanda Steig said. I felt like my dreams from my childhood had come true because when I was a little girl I had always dreamed about being Queen at one of the dances. It was a really great feeling. My last Snowcoming dance at Reed City High School was the best one yet. The sophomore class did an outstanding job putting on the dance. I will never forget this one, though I am sad it was my last. My plans after high school are to attend Grand Rapids Community College to study pharmacy. I will also be participating on their softball team. “

Ryan added “Between winning in football the way we did, winning Snowcoming King, being in the best shape ever, and just enjoying hanging out with friends; this has been the best year if high school. “ Still deciding about his plans after school, Ryan is looking at either the air force or community college.

This year’s Snowcoming was put on by the Sophomore class and many comments were made that it was a job well done.. Laughter filled the halls and the dance floor as the students of Reed City proved that nothing, including the weather, would stop their school spirit and night full of fun and memories.