REED CITY — Christmas has become more than a one day event, apparently, as the spirit and meaning of the day comes to life again and again throughout the area, as people reach within and do kind things for those who may be without.

It happened again last week at Spectrum/Reed City Hospital.

Ask Gayle Crockett, Mary Lou Proefrock, and others who made it happen. Again.

Proefrock stopped in at the request of Crockett who works in the Skilled Nursing unit, to pick up “a few hats.”

The few hats, colorful neckscarves and other wintry items filled several bags right to the brim, but of course, before they could head out the door, at least several residents checked them out.

This load, one of many that were made available by staff, patients, and their families, other groups who got involved as well, will keep many more heads warm, necks cozy, and hands protected from winter’s bite.

In fact, so giving were the staff, patients and friends, this year found a special “Wish Tree” decorated for the patients, with some of their special requests dangling from it like Christmas decorations. Some were needs. Others were real wishes for something special.

Every need and every wish was filled. Crockett said it was an amazing thing to see that tree literally stripped of the requests, and when a few more went up, they were gone just as quickly, and then the eyes of the residents and staff went back to the tree each day as more and more surprises arrived.

“Not one of our people was left out, and everything they wanted, they got.”

Crockett smiled and then added that it just kind of gets to you then, but now that Christmas is over, people are still bringing in items, “just in case anyone else needs something. It’s wonderful.”