Sheriff’s office releases free smart phone app

OSCEOLA COUNTY - Osceola County Sheriff James A. Crawford recently introduced citizens of Osceola County to a free, new phone application. This new application is at no cost to the tax payers to build and free to download with any IPhone and Android smart phones.

This new phone application will increase the capability of the Sheriff’s Office and the public’s communication. The app includes a push notification service where, in certain situations, the sheriff can immediately notify the public of crime going on in an area, lost or missing people, weather threats, and other information that may be worthy of public notification.

When you first open the application there is the home page where important messages will be located, also at the top of the home page is a “911” button to call in emergencies. The tabs located at the bottom of the page have important functions.

One shows the location of the Sheriff’s Office on a map. Another tab is a short cut to the national sex offender registry. There is a “Crime Mapping” tab. This pin map will show all property crimes that have occurred in Osceola County with a short description, address, and date reported.

There is a “more” tab that has several sub-categories including “News”, where we will put our weekly sheriff’s report and other general information about happenings at the Sheriff’s Office. “Commend an Officer” is where you can send a commendation for an individual officer to the department. “Contact Us” that contains our phone number and Sheriff’s email address. “

Calendar” tab, which will display the dates of different events around Osceola County and any classes that the Department is putting on. “Submit a Tip” is where citizens can anonymously submit a tip on any crime that occurs. This is immediately mailed to an officer at the department so it can be followed up on. “Report Abandoned” is where citizens can report an abandoned vehicle. “Wanted” will include posts of people that have warrants on them, so that if someone sees this person they can call or submit a tip on the whereabouts of the person.

If you have a smart phone you can go to your smart phone’s app store and type in “Osceola County Sheriff,” which will bring up the application to download.

The Mission of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office is to protect and serve the public of Osceola County. Communication is the key to all success; we will use the app together with you to be successful with our mission.”