Shell Mini-Mart in Marion to triple in size

MARION — The Shell Mini-Mart on the corner of West Main and South Mill streets in Marion, a gasoline filling station and popular mini-mart, also has been a bustling building site over the last few weeks.

Schmuckal Oil Company, headquartered in Traverse City, announced the purchase of land adjacent to the present location and plans to erect a full-size, modern convenience store on the property.

Currently under construction, the new 3,200-square-foot facility will more than triple the size of the existing 900-square-foot market.

The new premises will feature more coolers for beverages, expanded freezer space for frozen products, a wider inventory of grocery and snack items, a larger fountain area and on-site food preparation.

The new convenience store is not an expansion or renovation of the present structure. It is a brand new building from the ground up designed to meet the needs of shoppers.

The existing store will be razed and the space used for the installation of additional gas pumps will double the number of gas dispensers.

Due to construction constraints, pumps at the location will not be operational and gasoline will not be dispensed from Monday, Oct. 12, through Friday, Oct. 16. The market will remain open.

Schmuckal Oil Company operates 26 mini-marts in Michigan. The Marion store has been in service since 1978.

“Marion was our first convenience store,” said Paul Schmuckal, chairman of the board of Schmuckal Oil. “We’ve remodeled and upgraded it over the years. The community has always been good to us and now we’ve purchased adjacent property and hope to provide a better selection of products and a great shopping opportunity in a brand-new store for folks in Marion and surrounding communities.”

Schmuckal plans to attend the grand opening of the new facility. The date will be announced soon and is expected to take place in early to mid-November.