Seniors invited to emergency prep course

OSCEOLA COUNTY — Senior citizens interested in learning the best ways to keep themselves safe are invited to attend Camp 9-1-1 on Sept. 12 in Reed City.

The one-day training course will provide seniors with readiness training for a variety of incidents and emergencies, including fire safety, fire extinguisher skills, ID theft, senior identity theft protection, disaster preparedness, communication during emergency situations, prescription medication safety, how to safely store and dispose of medication and calling 911 during emergency situations along with other demonstrations and exhibits.

Camp 9-1-1 will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sept. 12 at the Reed City Fire Department, located at 523 Morse Street in Reed City. The program will begin with a demonstration of the difference between emergency services in the 1950s and emergency services in 2012.

The program is produced by the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. Organizers are hoping between 25 and 75 seniors participate in the event. A snack and lunch will be provided during the program.

Interested individuals must register for Camp 9-1-1 by calling the Retired Senior Volunteer Program at (231) 796-4848.