Senior Cruise 2020

Graduates honored with 'car parade'

Class of 2020 graduating seniors from Reed City High School, Big Rapids High School, Big Rapids Virtual School, Crossroads Charter Academy and Morley Stanwood High School were honored with a "car parade" on Friday, June 5. Senior Cruise 2020 was the brainchild of local high school senior parents, Ralynn Sims and Shannon Kelly, who wanted to celebrate seniors that missed out on their high school graduation ceremony. Seniors and their families traveled from Reed City to Morley Standwood High School, along Northland Drive, in vehicles decorated with school colors, and signs congratulating seniors. Parents and other family members gathered along the parade route to wave and celebrate with the seniors. Many local high school graduations were either canceled, postponed, or done virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic and the stay at home executive orders. (Herald Review photos/Cathie Crew and Catherine Sweeney)