Second Green Expo in works

EVART — Hundreds attended last year.

The Green Technology Expo held at Evart High School last year was a booming success and organizers are looking forward to this year’s follow-up program with excitement and enthusiasm.

The 2012 Green Tech Expo is planned for Saturday, March 17, and there is already a lot on the docket, and plenty to do for anyone interested in the development of “green” opportunities throughout the area.

The event will take place this year (as it did last year), at Evart High School on Lauman Road (95th Avenue), just north of U.S. 10.

There is a minimal participation fee to cover cost of the event.

The day will involve speakers, classroom presentations, and lots of venders with plenty of good ideas on how to employ the latest green technologies at home and on the farm.

On the day’s agenda are such topics as “The sustainability of buying local” and “How biofuels fit my farm and home.”

Also under discussion will be such topical items as “Basic functions of wind and solar energy” “Building better soils” and “Organic liquid fertilizer for the garden and crop production.”

Speakers include Jerry Lindquist, MSUE educator, Brad Morgan, Morgan Composting, Mark Seaman, MSUE bioeconomy innovation counselor, R.J. Rant, soil agronomist, and more.

Along with an extensive discussion of ‘green’ energy options, there will also be a workshop in cold frame season extension.

The Green Tech Expo offers a little something for everyone interested in advances in the field of “green” technology, energy, farming and home economics.

Additional  information on the Green Tech Expo can be found on Facebook at Evart Goes Green or by contacting planning committee member Jay Wallace at (231) 734-5551, or

More information can also be obtained by contacting the MSUE office at (231) 832-6139.