Schmidt remains Evart Mayor; Foster and Elliot voted onto council

EVART — Eric Schmidt will remain in his seat as Evart Mayor for another term. He will be joined on city council by newly elected members Robert Foster and Dan Elliot.

Results revealed a total of 238 votes were cast during the Nov. 5 election.

Schmidt and council member Charles Walter went head-to-head in the mayoral race. Schmidt received 198 votes, while Walter received 33 — a difference of 165 votes.

“We just set our goals and now I get to see them through,” Schmidt said following the results.

Two city council seats were up for grabs between incumbent council member Ralph Carlson and newcomers Elliot and Foster. Foster received the most votes, with 165, while Elliot received 142 votes and Carlson received 115 votes. The pair will serve five-year terms.

“I’m pleased a lot of people seem to have faith in what I believe in,” said Foster, who has served on council in the past.

He said his goals are focused on enforcing city codes and ordinances, including blight rules. By resolving those issues, Evart would be a more attractive destination for potential employers, Foster added.

Elliot is pleased to be elected.

“I’m looking forward to working with the rest of council,” he said.

In addition, Seraphim Leemon was elected Evart City Clerk in the stead of current clerk Ann Pattee, who is retiring. Leemon received 137 votes, while contender Heather Pattee received 93 votes.

The elected officials will be sworn in and take their positions at the next Evart City Council meeting, which will being at 7 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 18, at the Evart Depot.