Salons offer support to WISE

OSCEOLA COUNTY — October may be Domestic Violence Month, but abusive behaviors take no holiday.

Every month someone is battered. Actually, many someones.

Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. In many ways.

Not only women. Children. Men.

And it takes the effort of many to find ways to reach out and keep the help that is offered available to those who need it.

So it was that Juanita Ripley of Reed City’s Head to Toe Salon and Spa, offered to do a fundraiser to help the cause.

“Actually, it was the United Way that gave us the opportunity,” she explained. “For four dollars you could get a purple extension put in your hair during October, and $1 of that would be donated to United Way, and then find its way to the local WISE programs.”

Head to Toe did more than 30, and Ripley herself paid for a purple extension.

In the past, Head to Toe also has done haircuts for women and children to help out, “...and when they asked with this, both our salon and Details of Evart said absolutely.”

Their efforts do not go unnoticed by WISE, Women’s Information Service, Inc.

A spokesperson for WISE commented that just as pink ribbons and other items inspire people to cancer awareness, it is hoped that purple will do likewise for more public awareness to help those who are dealing with domestic violence.

An open house is planned for Nov. 30 at the WISE shelter in Big Rapids from 3-6 p.m.

For more information, contact the WISE office at (231) 796-6600.