Run, kids, run

REED CITY — The threat of rain didn’t dampen the spirits of these youngsters, but it did move the starting times ahead a bit in an effort to give them a good chance to beating poor weather to the finish line.

Many children appeared to pick a jogging pace, while others walked a bit then ran a lot, especially across the wooden bridges that greeted them between Rambadt and Westerburg parks.

A few paused to look for fish and frogs. A couple carried bouquets of dandelions. Still others ran hand-in-hand with friends. Some moms pushed strollers.

All along the way, there were adults spotted to make sure they followed the right trail, and to assure safety, while still other adults readied all sorts of snacks for them at Westerburg Park.

One child admitted being wary of “that Mini-Mac Bridge, but the lady said to hold on tight and I could make it.” And that she did.

This was the third annual NutriRun/Walk event which combines fitness with good nutrition, including water, yogurt, apples and oranges.

Many parents helped with food, assisted with watching the course, and actually walked it with the children.

The second, third and fifth graders tackled the course in the morning, with the kindergarten, first and fourth graders following up in the afternoon.