Rotary repairs board walk, Little Mac bridge

By Ron Marek

Reed City Rotary Member

Members of the Reed City Rotary Club have decided to do several “Work Bee’s” on the board walk connecting Linear Park and Rambadt Park and the “Little Mac” Bridge.

One area of focus for the club is to direct our efforts to improving the community for the local residents and the visitors to our area. We have decided that the board walk and Little Mac bridge is in need a some major and minor repairs, such as replacing rotted and broken boards and hammering loose nails on the deck of the board walk.

“I think I set a record of pounding down several thousand nails in one night,” said member Ron Babb.

All the members present commented that this was a “feel good” project knowing this work needed to be done and knowing it will make the area more attractive for the community. The effort was coordinated with the Reed City Manager and the Reed City Council. All of the materials were purchased from local lumber supplier Self Serve Lumber. Our thanks to the business for allowing us a generous discount on the materials. Several more “Work Bee’s” will be scheduled throughout the summer to complete the repairs.