ROSE LAKE —  It was a cold and blustery day, but there was a beautiful rose to entice campers and community members to come to Rose Lake Park and celebrate the hanging of the newest barn quilt block along the trail that spans Osceola County in all directions.

Grant money made the creation of the block possible for Rose Lake Park, according Vredenberg, who indicated there is additional grant money available for non-profits wishing to become a part of the Osceola County Quilt Trail.

The quilt was attached to the registration booth at Rose Lake Park, and will be a pretty site for those entering the park throughout the year.

Renee and Joe Tolgo were praised for their efforts in helping the quilt block happen, as was Porter.  The Tolgos also provided the perennials planted in the front of the booth as well.

Vredenburg said she was pleased with the kindness shown throughout the process and noted that the park went “the whole nine yards,” with “someone making a cake,” and added that they invited the county commissioners as well.

Chuck Asiala, Rose Lake Park manager, said the “credit goes to Rose Lake Youth Camp for bringing the rolls for the celebration. In addition, Deanne Down baked a cake and decorated with an edible “rose quilt block.”

It may have been a cold and blustery day on the outside, but according to the smiles and the laughter, the many who stood and witnessed the hanging of the newest block, and shared coffee and food together, they had warm hearts and good feelings all around.