Richmond Twp. approves Rec Authority agreement

RICHMOND TOWNSHIP — And now there are four.

That’s the call so far on the five original groups in the greater Reed City area considering pooling their ideas and efforts in forming what would be known as the Greater Reed City Area Recreation Authority.

Richmond Township was the latest to get on board.

After considerable discussion by the township board at its regular meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 21, the board by a three-to-two vote approved becoming a part of what could be five governmental bodies represented by the new group.

Richmond joins the Village of Hersey, Lincoln Township, and Reed City thus far, and the vote is still out on Hersey Township which will be voting soon.

The Richmond Township board first voted to dissolve past action that formed the Crossroads Area Recreational Authority (CARA). CARA was established on July 9, 2002.

That action also had been taken by both other members of CARA, Lincoln Township and the City of Reed City.

Certified copies of the resolutions will be filed with the State of Michigan.

Following discussion by the board regarding a partnership with the other three members of the GRCARA, a vote was taken with township board members trustee Norm Blood, treasurer Edith Betzing, and supervisor Maynard Bluhm deciding the issue with their yes votes, and township clerk Linda Stager and trustee Ed Galloup casting the votes against it.

The articles of incorporation will allow the GRCARA to apply for various monies for recreation use, giving it more power as one body rather than as individual governmental units.

Earlier discussions centered on the many opportunities that could be developed in the area which would not only be beneficial to this part of the county, but to the surrounding area as well. Some of those ideas discussed in the past include developing a strong Crossroads Trail system, building on fishing opportunities, staging areas, and the like.

It is believed that a vote will be taken at Hersey Township’s next regularly scheduled meeting in January.

A number of public meetings have been held, with many questions asked and much input received.

Each group represented will appoint two members to represent their unit of government on the GRCARA within 22 days after the papers are filed with the state approving the adoption of the articles of incorporation.