Rewards programs from local business benefits community

REED CITY —Vic’s Supermarket’s rewards card program is not only benefitting its customers, but also local organizations and nonprofits.

Last year, the grocery store began a rewards program to help customers save more while shopping and discovered the provider of its “Extras Card” had a community rewards aspect, said Steward Thompson, Vic’s Supermarket scan coordinator.

Vic's customers can sign up for an Extras Card and then register the card online. Along with shopping perks and discounts, customers are able to choose a community charity or organization where 1 percent of their total purchases will be donated, Thompson said.

“It’s a great way to get customers interacting while donating,” Thompson said. “Not only are they helping us donate, but they are deciding where we can give.”

When registering the card online, there is a list of 25 local organizations a customer can select to allocate their donation to.

Once each quarter, all the donated funds are added up and disbursed to the various entities including the Salvation Army, local churches, school clubs and organizations and more.

“We hear it’s a favorite part of our extras card that we are giving back, especially from the organizations we are benefitting,” Thompson said.

Osceola County Animal Control is one of the organizations thankful for the donations generated from the rewards card.

From the last quarter, Osceola County Animal Control received a check for $329.96.

Director Michelle Kuz said the program is a great idea, and since it began, the checks continue to increase.

“It’s awesome and it helps give back,” Kuz said. “It’s helping us help our animals. It’s also nice to allow the contributors to choose where the money goes.”

Donations from the rewards program go into an account which is used to cover unexpected veterinary costs, occasional grooming expenses and spaying and neutering.

“We wouldn’t be able to these things if not for the money donated from programs like this rewards card,” Kuz said.

For more information about the Extras Card or to register a card, visit