Results for Nov. 3 election races in Osceola County

OSCEOLA COUNTY — The votes are in.

The following is a list of unofficial election results on Nov. 3 from the presidential and statewide races as well as races across Osceola County and its townships.


Donald J. Trump (R): 8,928

Joseph R. Biden (D): 3,214

Jo Jorgensen (LIB): 135

Don Blankenship (UST): 21

Howie Hawkins (GRN): 28

Rocky De La Fuente (NLP): 3

U.S. Senator

John James (R): 8,808

Gary Peters (D): 3,226

Representative in Congress 4th District

Jerry Hilliard (D): 2,757

John Moolenaar (R): 9,059

Representative in State Legislature 97th District

Celia Young-Wenkel (D): 1,505

Jason Wentworth (R): 4,752

Representative in State Legislature 102nd District

Amanda Siggins (D): 1,370

Michele Hoitenga (R): 4,336

Osceola County Races


Anthony Badovinac (R): 9,971


Mark Cool (R): 10,210


Karen J. Bluhm (R): 10,119


Tonia M. Hartline (R): 9,937

Register of Deeds

Heather E. Gray (R): 9,905

Road Commissioner (partial term)

Terry Wanstead (R): 9,926

Drain Commissioner

David A. Belden (R): 9,850


Bill Sikkema (R): 9,910

Commissioner 1st District

Jill Halladay (R): 1,639

Commissioner 2nd District

Mark Gregory (R): 1,635

Commissioner 3rd District

David G. Turner (R): 1,335

Commissioner 4th District

Timothy J. Michell (R): 1,378

Commissioner 5th District

Roger Elkins (R): 1,208

Commissioner 6th District

James Custer (R): 1,390

Commissioner 7th District

Sally Momany (R): 1,338

Editor’s note: Due to press deadline, the Herald Review only published contested races in Osceola County’s townships.

*indicates the candidate was declared the winner, according to unofficial election results.

Middle Branch Township Supervisor

*Glenn Wilson Jr. (R): 344

Charles Kampmueller (NPA): 64

City of Evart Mayor

*Chris Emerick: 293

John C. Joyce: 151

Bob Lancaster: 182

City of Evart Council Member (2 seats)

Ralph Carlson: 229

*Sean P. Duffy: 395

*Matthew Hildebrand: 336

Village of Hersey Trustee 4-year Term (2 seats)

*Kimberly Erickson: 87

Sarah Turner: 63

*Jeffrey Venema: 65

Reed City Area Public Schools Board Member (4 seats)

David Edward Williams: 1,297

*Sherry Franklin: 1,617

*Spencer Mund: 1,629

*Nate Vanderhoof: 1,820

*Nicole Quinn: 1,585

Cadillac Area Public Schools Board Member (3 seats)

*Zach Anderson: 13

*Steven K. Anderson: 14

*Anne Engels: 10

Nicole Schultz: 8

Evart Public Schools Board Member (3 seats)

*Gerald A. Nichols: 1,419

*Eric Schmidt: 1,766

*Karen J. Pylman: 1,462

Bre Grabill: 1,272


City of Evart Fire Millage Proposal

Yes: 359

No: 274

Evart Township Fire Millage Proposal

Yes: 365

No: 324

Orient Township Millage for Maintenance of Township Roads

Yes: 255

No: 159

Orient Township Fire Millage Proposal

Yes: 220

No: 192

Osceola Township Millage Renewal Road Improvement and Maintenance

Yes: 350

No: 171

Osceola Township Fire Millage Proposal

Yes: 306

No: 217

Sherman Township Fire Protection Millage Renewal

Yes: 417

No: 93

Sylvan Township Fire Millage Proposal

Yes: 256

No: 205

Village of Tustin Ordinance to complete prohibit marijuana establishments

Yes: 67

No: 48