Ice skating rink in the works for Reed City

Three possible locations being considered

Reed City may soon become home to a new ice skating rink.

Reed City may soon become home to a new ice skating rink.

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REED CITY — Reed City may soon become home to a new ice skating rink.

Council members Trevor Guiles and Dan Burchette are working out the details for bringing an ice skating rink to the city for the winter months.

“We discussed it as a council last meeting and will be continuing the discussion at the next meeting,” Guiles said. “My impression is that, generally, council is in favor of it because it is something that would benefit the community.

“We have actually discussed the ice rink for the past few years,” he added. ‘Hopefully, this year we can make it happen."

Areas being discussed as a possible location for the ice rink include the gravel area next to the parking lot between Pompeii’s Pizza and Slosson Avenue, the softball fields near the school, and Rambadt Park.

“I would like to settle on that (gravel) area for a couple of different reasons,” Burchette told the Pioneer. “One reason is it is right in town. Also, it is right next to Pompeii’s and people can order pizza and sit on the benches under the pavilion.”

Guiles said Rambadt Park would not be ideal because it is generally closed for the winter and opening it would require keeping it plowed, which would be additional cost to the city.

“We are researching on how to do it and maintain it so that it is not a burden on the city,” he said. 

Guiles and Burchette both said they are working on ways to get volunteers to help maintain the ice so that the city does not have to be responsible for that, adding city workers are already stretched pretty thin.

They are also looking for donations — finances or materials — to help make it happen.

“We will need to get a liner for underneath and will have to get some sort of barrier around it to hold the water in place,” Guiles said. “We are trying to find some sort of donations or funding because we don’t want his to be a burden on the taxpayer or the city."

“We will be approaching local businesses to see if they can donate supplies or if some businesses can go together to donate funding to help put it together,” he added.

Burchette said he believed they could get participation from local businesses. 

“We have the new ACE Hardware and Ebel’s — they want to be big supporters of the community along with other local businesses,” he said. “I don’t think we will have any problem coming up with the funding we need to get going on this. I am going to reach out to some of our local businesses to see if they can not only donate money, but maybe donate materials."

The cost to purchase all the materials needed to get the project going would be around $400 to $500, Burchette said. 

Guiles said he would like for them to “have all their ducks in a row and be ready to start purchasing supplies” by the next council meeting on Dec. 20 so that if they get the approval to move forward, things could happen “in pretty short order.”

The project will require the approval of the council because they are planning to put it on city owned property, he said.

The plan is for the ice rink to be open for come and go use the same as city parks are during the summer with no designated times for skating, Guiles said.

“We want more for our community and we are trying to do more,” Burchette said. 

The ice skating rink is a separate project from the plans for a Splash Pad and skating rink which was suggested at a previous city council meeting, Guiles said.

“That is a volunteer group that is working on getting a Splash Pad in town,” he said. “As they look at that, they are also looking at getting an acrylic surface put down for a skating rink. The group is setting up the fundraising for that. The Splash Pad is nowhere near fruition, at this point.”