Reed City trivia team has successful showing

REED CITY — “I’ll take ‘Pop Culture’ for 100, Alex.”

Many families still hear the phrase every day on “Jeopardy!” to challenge themselves with endless trivia. This fun way to test knowledge is not something new, however, turns out there is quite a history to it.

Trivia, the three lower liberal arts of grammar, rhetoric and logic, are also known as the basics of education. When most people hear the word “trivia,” they think of its common usage referring to quiz questions. Pop culture, science, sports, fine arts and current events were just a few of the numerous categories to be chosen from. The Trivial Pursuit board game was a hit when it was introduced in the 1980s.

One version of these challenging games, known as Quiz Bowl, has been around long before the times of “Jeopardy!” and Trivial Pursuit. From 1959 to 1970, the College Bowl Company, Inc. televised Quiz Bowl competitions at the college level. Today, the tradition continues in many grade levels, including elementary through college. Two teams go head-to-head answering questions from the various categories. With the buzzer system, individual members of the team can buzz in even before the question is completed.

“This adds a dimension of confidence, anticipation and rapid recall to what is a game primarily about knowing facts.” said Katrina Wray, coach of the Reed City High School team. In addition to the individually answered questions, there are bonus questions that are worth more points and allow for collaboration among team members.

Reed City is home to several teams. Twenty-seven students make up the 2JV and 3V that compete in the CSAA league along with other local high schools. Wray has been coaching the teams for the past two seasons. Following a great season, Wray is excited to be taking the Varsity A team, consisting of five students, to the state finals. Captain Dylan Carpenter, senior, and fellow team members Dylan Kichak, senior, Ben Youngs, sophomore, Charles Lupo, senior, and Wyatt Meese, sophomore, will be proudly competing at MSU on April 20 and 21. The team moved into the finals after winning the CSAA League tournament on April 14, beating Chippewa Hills, Morley Stanwood, White Cloud and Big Rapids. Big Rapids will also be competing in the finals as they had the best overall season score.

“It was definitely a learning experience and a lot more fun than I expected,” Meese said. “The team was really cool and fun to be around and coach Wray was great. I’m glad I did it and will be looking forward to next year.”