$2.9 million dollar project funded with $2.8 million in Grants

REED CITY — The Reed City Council held its final public hearing last Wednesday to close out its Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion project funded by US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration and Michigan Economic Development Corporation grants. “It is very unusual for a community to receive grants totaling 97.5 percent of a project. Reed City is very small and if the City Council had to borrow those dollars it could have cost our 886 customers over $5 million in principle and interest over 30 years instead of $73,154,”said Interim City Manager Ron Howell. The Reed City Waste Water Treatment Plant is an “A” Plant which means its design is capable of handling a population equivalent of 45,000 people or more. The City and its largest employer General Mills have worked closely to make sure the City continues to meet its National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for the Hersey River. One of the unique features of the plant is its turbo air compressor system using magnetic field fans from Finland that have no bearings. Reed City is a Council-Manager Home Rule city in Osceola County incorporated in 1875 and provides complete municipal services to its 2,425 residents, business and industry. Reed City is also the Cross Roads community located at the intersection of the White Pine State Park and the Pere Marquette State Forest Trail.